Exquisite Flavors, Masterfully Executed.

Discover a symphony of flavors and creativity at our catering and events.

Our menu is a testament to the artistry of our culinary team, who masterfully blend the freshest ingredients and innovative techniques to present you with an array of delectable dishes. From exquisite appetizers that entice your palate to main courses that define indulgence, our menu is a culinary journey through your senses.

Arabic Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Special Breakfast Menu

Main Course Menu

VIP Buffet

VIP Buffet w/ Main Course

VIP Buffet w/o Main Course

Morning Coffee Break

Evening Coffee Break

Men’s Parties

Buffet Menu 1

Buffet Menu 2

Buffet Menu 3

Buffet Menu 4

Buffet Menu 5

Buffet Menu 6

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